20130612 Singapore ministers are really overpaid

The things said by our ministers are getting more ridiculous by the day.

Minister Balakrishnan has not only taken sides with the NEA (of course, since he is the boss of NEA’s CEO) but has offered his unsolicited advice to the
Workers’ Party to “clean up the place” and “apologise to the hawkers”.

After temporarily downgrading himself to an NEA inspector, if all is well, Low This Khiang will be invited to coffee. Not sure who pays but confirm not Starbucks but at hawker centre so that hawkers could see their ‘savior’ and the ‘troublemaker’.

Shouldn’t the minister be more concerned about the dengue epidemic or even our drainage system?

Just last month, MND minister Khaw became the mascot for productivity urging Singaporeans to make up for the shortage of a few hundred crane operator jobs.
It appears Singaporeans are not aware that relatively new crane operators are being paid $4000 with experienced ones getting between $6000 and $7000.
Perhaps ordinary Singaporeans are not stupid to see that this is just a stopgap measure with no long term prospects because once massive building project is completed, they will be out of job!

A few days later, he adviced Singaporeans that the recipe for success does not require a degree. But I guess most Singaporeans will just take his advice with a pinch of salt.
Unless of course he walks the talk by telling all his cabinet colleagues and PAP MPs not to send their children for expensive tuition classes and go to poly instead etc.

But its quite strange the PAP walks the opposite talk by selecting all its candidates who are degree holders. The higher the qualification, the better.
PAP prefers those with doctorates, selecting Dr Koh Poh Koon as its candidate in the recent Punggol East by–election.
But it appears his professional colorectal skills was not viewed highly by residents of Punggol East.

PM Lee, who was in agreement with Khaw, had told about 480 faculty members, students and alumni of Ngee Ann Polytechnic during their 50th anniversary dinner.
Calling our polytechnics a jewel, one really wonders how he would have described our universities.

What will they think of next?

Phillip Ang

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