Where is our Swiss standard of living, Lau Goh?

Dear MP Goh

I am an ordinary citizen who started working in the 1980s. As the former PM, I recall you had promised Singaporeans a ‘Swiss-standard’ of living but unfortunately have not delivered.

It appears that a lot of what you have said are ‘all no pakai one’ but I will just use the elusive Swiss standard of living example to prove my point.

Although you had become a joke in the eyes of many Singaporeans, I gave you the benefit of the doubt and searched high and low for anything remotely resembling Swiss standard of living – for years. These are what I have found:

There’s a Swiss Club and Embassy not far from your place,
and we can see what you meant by Swiss standard of living from the interior of houses in Bukit Timah.

Unfortunately, this is clearly not the living standard of 95% of citizens. 😦

Or perhaps a Swiss standard of living meant the availability of Swiss food in Singapore?

Till today, your Swiss standard of living has proven to be a pipe dream for ordinary citizens.
Look at our statistics and you will know this for a fact.

There are 700,000 4-room and smaller HDB flats. Questions:
Does MP Goh see any signs of wealth or Swiss standard of living inside any of these apartments?
What about the remaining 300,000 bigger HDB flats?

If you were not living in a bubble, you would have known that only a small percentage of the population are enjoying the Swiss standard of living.   For confirmation, there are simply too many elderly citizens struggling with bread and butter issues and having to postpone healthcare needs, etc.  Instead of accepting this as factual, one minister from your party had even tried to spin cardboard collecting by the elderly into a form of physical exercise.

So I want to ask you if you had seen numbers of elderly Swiss doing a similar form of exercise in their country on your most recent trip?

Did you also see hundreds of elderly Swiss cleaning toilets or clearing dishes in restaurants?

I can only conclude that you have engaged in fantasy: you did not bother to understand real issues.  And when your Swiss standard did not materialise, you subsequently tried to mask your failure by smoking Singaporeans.

You think we are all dumb meh? 🙂

Now, recall what you said in 2009:

Source: PMO

But before you blew your trumpet at the Redas dinner, didn’t you say this 8 years earlier at your National Day Rally speech:

Source: NAS

In 2001, you told Singaporeans we achieved the 1984 Swiss standard of living only in 2000. 8 years later, we were told that we had been enjoying such a standard of living much earlier in 1994!

Appears to be a load of bullshit to me. Please make up your mind which year did Singaporeans started to enjoy the 1984 Swiss standard of living OK? :)​

Anyway, GDP per capita – with or without PPP – is a meaningless figure which does not reflect reality on the ground. How could Singaporeans be enjoying a high standard of living when the majority of citizens perpetually require some form of assistance from the government?

From the most expensive public housing, public healthcare, GST increases, increases in electricity bill, town council increase in fees, MediShield Life premiums, etc, why do citizens require billion$ in government grants, rebates and subsidies every year?

Which country has to constantly assist wealthy citizens? Switzerland? Dubai? Norway?

Singapore appears to be a fake wealthy country.  What the government has been doing all the while is creating economic growth by increasing the foreigner population.

As late as 2010, your predecessor LKY confirmed your successor was following in your footsteps.

LKY: “We’ve grown in the last five years by just importing labour.”
Lky was pissed with how PM Lee took shortcuts to increase GDP figures.

But didn’t he learn this from you? 🙂

There are many unanswered questions but I will stop here for today.

Since you have obviously not delivered, it appears that you have been talking cock about the Swiss standard thingy, no?

Hope you could also clarify the contradiction.

Have a nice day. 🙂


Swiss standard aspirant

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2 Responses to Where is our Swiss standard of living, Lau Goh?

  1. Bucatta says:

    How about football World Cup?

  2. Anonymous incognitindignity o says:

    The Swiss living standards signifies thayvthe federal govt is unimportant thanks to the stong decentralization to the cantons.This the politicians are held accountable by citizens. Further the regulations aren’t a hassle and don’t try to micromanage too much people’s lives

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