20150502 PM Lee’s May Day Rally speech confirms PAP does not care about Singaporean workers

I refer to PM Lee’s May Day Rally (MDR) speech, “Leadership renewal is most important issue in next election: PM Lee”.

May Day/Labour Day is a celebration of laborers and the working classes but PM Lee has seized the opportunity to indulge in self praise. The lowdown on Singapore politics includes state propaganda and as to be expected, PM Lee has reminded Singaporeans that without the PAP, we will be doomed.

How is May Day celebrations even remotely related to an upcoming election? If workers have really benefitted from PAP’s policies, why the need to boast about it on May Day? The full transcript of PM Lee’s speech is not only self-congratulatory but PM Lee seems to be blowing PAP’s trumpet as if tomorrow never comes. (including a factual error – “The PRC, 13,000 million people”)

PM Lee: “Outstanding leadership brought us here, and outstanding leadership will take us forward.”
This confirms the PAP has buried its head in the sand, not realising the severity of issues faced by ordinary citizens. Really ‘outstanding leadership” does not rely on abusing the civil service to cover up its failures, need not conceal data which should be in the public domain nor does it need to control the mainstream media/grassroots to project an ‘all’s well’ image to the world. Outstanding = Delusional

PM Lee: “This place could not have been built, and cannot be kept going, without exceptional leaders.”
But who are the “exceptional leaders”? Goh Chok Tong, ex PM, and PM Lee who both increased the foreigner population by 1.7 million people from 1990 to 2014? Forgot about housing needs, public transportation, construction of hospitals, etc but provided foreigners with overly-generous tuition grants at citizens’ expense, etc? ‘Labour chief’ Lim Swee Say who helped businesses to depress workers’ wages and helped himself to more-than-enough toothpicks for one-time use? Wong Kan Seng? Mah Bow Tan? MPs Tin Pei Ling, Intan, Ang Wei Neng,.. ?
When we look at the disproportionate number of issues on a little red dot created by the many clowns masked as leaders, we really need to question PM Lee who are the exceptional leaders.

PM Lee then complained aloud that “getting people who are committed, with high ability, strong character, dedication and gumption has been a difficult task”. The fact is many Singaporeans are aware of the requirement to turn into a sycophant under the PAP and those with ‘high ability’ do not wish to join the PAP. We need not look further than our yes-MPs in parliament for confirmation. PM Lee himself has not displayed characteristics of a good leader ie he prefers silence on issues which needed his voice.

After Briton Anton Casey, a foreigner, had made derogatory comments on Singaporeans in January 2014, “PM Lee cautioned against lynch mob mentality”.   But in the recent case concerning a 16 year old Amos Yee, a Singaporean, who was the target of hate speech online, PM Lee conveniently lost his voice.  PM Lee has still not found his voice even after Amos was struck by a 49-year old man on his way to court two days ago!

Is attacker really a MAN?

Can anyone expect a leader to be concerned about workers when he has proven to be more concerned about foreigners than a Singaporean child?

PM Lee’s MDR speech is dedicated to singing PAP’s praises and full of half truths such as “the government… been on the workers’ side”. It is more of a celebration of PAP’s ‘achievements’ than labourers and working-class Singaporeans. It confirms PAP does not care about Singaporean workers.

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4 Responses to 20150502 PM Lee’s May Day Rally speech confirms PAP does not care about Singaporean workers

  1. James says:

    Totally agree with you. “Pinky”, as they call him, is totally unfit to be a leader. Singapore is already three quarters buried in shit under his mismanagement. Another term under him will surely spell the end for Singaporeans.

  2. Old man says:

    He did not even condemn the action of the 49 yrs man that punched Amos. His silence suppprted his action a volient act against a young teenager. Do u support such a leadership? VTO!

  3. Nope says:

    The truly scary part is how the PAP managed to raise an entire generation of brainwashed risk-averse drones devoid of any critical thought whatsoever.

    • phillip ang says:

      Agreed. A lot of the damage is irreversible. But there are concerned citizens willing to stand up to the PAP. It will take some time to get things in order. 🙂

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