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20160306 Should Singaporeans serve NS when SAF is not accountable for negligence?

I refer to “High Court strikes out lawsuit against SAF brought by family of dead NSF”. The life of NSF Private Dominique Lee was cut short during his service to the country. Dominique had died from an allergic reaction to … Continue reading

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20160223 National service: Time to reduce/abolish discriminatory conscription tax

National service is a form of tax which discriminates against male citizens. Since there’s a real financial loss, NS is akin to a conscription tax (CT) levied on male Singaporeans. An 18-year old could easily earn $1500 a month in … Continue reading

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20160131 NSFs and NSmen who want change should do what’s right for themselves and our children

NSFs and NSmen who want change should first try to distance themselves from state propaganda. By voting for a government with little transparency and accountability, there will only be token changes. PAP is essentially fighting yesterday’s war with useless paper … Continue reading

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20151215 National service – NSFs not stupid, unmotivated because of PAP’s elitism

In a previous post on Singapore’s conscription, I highlighted this fact: PAP elites have been shortchanging Singaporean youths for decades with their double standard. NSFs are not stupid and they ‘have eyes to see’ for themselves how PAP policies have … Continue reading

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20121205 NS rank allowance should increase by $800 to recognise sacrifice, $80 increase an insult

I refer to “National servicemen to get $80 more in monthly allowance”. I hope our youths will start to think if there’s really a need for conscription instead of relying on PAP propaganda to do their thinking. There has been … Continue reading

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20150624 National service revamp not possible with PAP in power

Male Singaporeans are disadvantaged by a 2 year conscription. Many employers also prefer to employ foreigners who do not have reservist obligations up to the age of 40/50 depending on one’s rank. The harsh reality of today’s economy necessitates a … Continue reading

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20150311 Benchmark NS pay against median salary of top 1000 earners aged 23

Singaporean youths have been shortchanged by the government and it’s about time to revise the NS allowance. First, we look at PAP’s salary. PAP claims they have sacrificed but ministerial salaries are benchmarked against the median income of the top … Continue reading

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20140204 Times have changed, NS status quo must go

Male Singaporeans are required to serve full time National Service (NS) for 2 years. This is followed by another 10 “work years” up to the age of 40/50 depending on one’s rank. In today’s harsh economic environment, NS obligations work … Continue reading

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20131208 NS conscription to justify remuneration/number of ‘paper generals’

There have been suggestions to reduce the duration of National Service (NS) or even abolish it altogether by replacing it with a professional army. link link link The call for a review is valid and timely because the situation today … Continue reading

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