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20140821 The Ass Tee (ST) only interested in CPF propaganda

I refer to Loh Keng Fatt’s article “Reward those keen to grow nest egg wit CPF”. While CPF members are demanding our money back, The Ass Tee tries to spin it the other way around. From the article, Keng Fatt … Continue reading

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20140407 NEL breakdown – Straits Times damage control for PTO

The Straits Times reported on “Power fault jams up NEL for an hour” with a photo showing an uncrowded train with no commuters on the platform. One suspects it is not satisfied with the low global press ranking and covets … Continue reading


20140221 Should you continue paying to read 150th world ranking Straits Times’ world record advertisements?

The Straits Times may be officially ranked 150th in the World Press Freedom Index. Unknown to most ST subscribers, it also holds the unofficial world record for the highest number of advertisements. The table below shows the record number of … Continue reading

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20140207 ST editor Warren Fernandez’s Swiss standard differs from Goh Chok Tong’s

“Big lessons from a little Swiss Alpine resort” by Warren Fernandez, ST editor, reflects the bubble he lives in. link Warren says that in 1984, ”government leaders set their sights only on reaching the levels the Swiss enjoyed at that … Continue reading

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20140107 No editorial oversight at Straits Times, DPM mistaken for Minister

On 15 Dec, ST mistook DPM Tharman for the Law Minister. (full article with wrong photo below) However, ST subsequently realised the blunder and replaced the photo with the correct one. ST-1204-2013-shanmugaratnam-st.jpg Amelia Teng, Priscilla Goy The Straits Times Sunday, … Continue reading

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