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Government should clarify issue on non-existent polyclinic consultation grants

Every possible cost which PAP is able to arbitrarily increase, it has done so. Unknown to most citizens, our polyclinic bill continues to be inflated annually. We have wrongly assumed that this won’t impact us because the out of pocket … Continue reading

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High overheads and costs of corporatised public hospitals recovered from patients

(This post is a slightly-edited comment explaining the high overheads and costs of restructured hospitals) I suspect the margin for “overheads and operations” are very high. This is the main problem with the restructuring & corporatizing of Singapore’s public hospitals … Continue reading

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No profit margin from sale of drugs? Onus on MOH to prove Minister Gan is telling the truth

As one of the biggest drug purchasers in the world, MOH Holdings should have been able to obtain bulk discounts from overseas suppliers. When medications are sold at much-lower prices across the causeway, something is clearly not right. WP recently … Continue reading

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20161107 PAP still masking “you die your own business” policy with propaganda

According to a recent NTUC Income survey of 1000 Singaporeans, “8 in 10 Singaporeans are worried about growing old”. And rightly so because of our exorbitant healthcare costs and obstacles placed by PAP to access government ‘assistance’. Instead of addressing … Continue reading

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20161020 Healthcare ‘subsidy’ = propaganda

I have queried former Health Minister Gan * on the polyclinic ‘subsidy’ which he was too ‘pai seh’ to reply. I believe Gan must have been aware that the PAP had overinflated polyclinic fees to create the illusion of a … Continue reading

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