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HDB must stop lying about HDB ‘lessees/tenants’ being ‘owners’

I refer to ST Forum letter “Are HDB residents tenants or owners?” and HDB’s reply, “HDB buyers are home owners, not tenants” by Ms Lim Lea Lea. HDB legal documents and its website have always stated ‘owners’ as ‘lessees’ and … Continue reading

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Straits Times publishes fake news: HDB no longer landlord of public housing flats

I refer to ST article by Janice Heng, “Let HDB landlords enjoy their rent“. The title of this propaganda piece is erroneous because there is only one landlord, ie HDB. Buyers of HDB flats sign a lease agreement and are only lessees. … Continue reading

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HDB amends website, lies about HDB ‘lessees’ being ‘owners’ of flats

HDB has been caught with its pants down and trying to convince lessees that we are owners by amending its website. 😉 If PAP fails to pull this through, ie convince educated Singaporeans that ‘lessees’ = ‘owners’, there will be … Continue reading

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HDB roped in by PAP to support rental/property market

I refer to “HDB lowers cap on number of tenants allowed in flats”. ST Last year, due to external factors beyond PAP’s control, non-resident population dropped for the first time since 2004.  (Link) Coupled with numerous belated cooling measures, property … Continue reading

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HDB lessees who still think they are flat owners should consider psychiatric treatment

Dear HDB lessees who still think you are flat owners Many of you have been struggling to come to terms with your non-ownership status and the easiest ‘solution’ is to reject the unpleasant reality. But by your continued delusion, how … Continue reading

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