Incompetent town council chairman should own self sack own self

From: Phillip Ang <>
Date: Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 11:31 AM
Subject: Incompetent/irresponsible town council chairman should resign
To: <>
Cc: PM LEE <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, CNA <>, TODAY <>, STNEWS <>, WanBao – <>, HENG <>, STANLEY <>, RAYSON <>, JAYA KUMAR <>, LAU <>, SUKHDEV <>, Youjin Low <>, SDP <>, WP <>, <>, MCCY PERM SEC <>, <>, <>, <>, Joycelyn PHANG (PA) <>, <>, PASIR RIS PUNGGOL TC <>, TC GM PRP <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, LAY CHER <>, <>, <>

(AGO please take note as town councils are also funded by taxpayers but PR-PTC does not have a proper maintenance system in place. PR-PTC should employ estate officers instead of relying on residents’ feedback to get its job done.)

Hi Taha

Your arrogant and indifferent attitude is unacceptable. Disgusted would be an understatement.  

As an MP, you are clearly unaware of what’s been happening in the estate; because you are hardly on the ground. 

To confirm, your banners – all over a part of Pasir Ris East –  were still not removed in November, more than 2 months after your last house visit.


And I have been told, it’s neither the TC’s nor your issue; blame the Pasir Ris East CC for sleeping on the job.  

FYI, I have been providing feedback for 2 decades.  Simple issues often require multiple feedback.  Even then, some could not be resolved for years. 


A few months ago, I highlighted a fallen flower pot a few blocks from my unit.  Many objects have also fallen.  2 weeks ago, another (metallic?) flower pot fell from height from my block. 


Do you want something to happen before taking concrete action?  PR-PTC should not continue to be lazy.  Go identify units with potential killer litter and get them removed. Don’t just put up notices and consider your job done.  If shorthanded, rope in ‘grassroots leaders’ who don’t do much for residents anyway.

If the town council was properly managed, would you require feedback for something so obvious?


Errr … your town council require feedback for every signboard and road sign?


What about these?


And PR-PTC can’t even plant trees properly.  Who is your contractor?  Why no oversight by PR-PTC?  


And why is the town council throwing residents’ funds to upgrade signage without first rectifying the error, ie remove ‘RC’.


K. I will stop here for today.  You should be aware there are other issues which your town council has not resolved.  So, don’t be lazy.  Go take a walk and verify all the above.  More importantly, do your job.

It’s about time you implement a proper maintenance system and not continue to rely on residents for feedback on obvious issues. After all, residents can’t be paying monthly S&CC for nothing right?

If you are still unable to discharge your duties as TC chairman, imho, maybe you should just own self sack own self.

After 2 decades of no-/non replies, I believe enough is …. enough. 

No MP should demand respect; it is earned, if you still don’t know. 

Thank you and have a nice day. πŸ˜‰


Phillip Ang 

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