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6 Responses to URA CONCEPT PLAN 2001

  1. Phillip Tay says:

    [3:15 PM, 7/30/2020] Phillip: Hi
    What I am going to say may sound non-sensical to you because it is different from what we have been taught in schools or society. The State is NOT the government. we have been unconsciously taught that they are the same!
    Why? The government is voted in by the people, as such, the people IS the State! Statements like “state property, do not trespass”, directed at us seems to confuse us. Even the language used by the media, government statements all speak the same way giving the impression that government is the State.
    No big deal if you are happy, well taken care, protected by the most expensive military equipment!
    But if I f can see what I am trying to say, our rights and properties are being transferred to the government, the very people whom we put in charge, THEN YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY!
    Even civil organizations like the CPF is acting against the interest of the very people they are supposed to serve. The people who pay them through ever increasing taxes! We will be collecting our handouts soon, in the form of gst vouchers. Only for this government to take back 5 or ten times the amount! Administered by the government. somehow the line that divide state and government has been blurred. Government has been given the rights to catch criminal and we think they are the State and they themselves started to believe that lie. WAKE UP, SINGAPOREANS!
    I have every right to say anything I want, not governed by porfma or anything!
    Because I am the people, the state , I can decide for myself what is Truth and what are LIES!
    I have served my National Service giving away 2 1/2 years of my youth, and countless disruptions in the form of reservist and IPPT and RTs. that affected my career! Even my former employer don’t understand why I keep going to camp? Not be choice but by the government order! After all these services to my country, why am I treated like a second a class citizen? worse than some imported foreign talents, who also took my job opportunities away from me! I am not blaming these people, just to state a fact. Since this government feels that it is within their rights to disturb me, shouldn’t they have the same responsibility to take care of me when I am sick? No, nowthat I am sick and cannot contribute to their coffers they started to treat me like a useless person? even to the point of taking my house away? Is this the way to treat your I the people? if a war happens, can we send these foreign talents to the front line first? Since they have Pioneer generation scheme to reward the generation that help build the nation, shouldn’t those that served the Nation Service be treated as veterans, be given recognition, respire and honor? No, instead, we are treated like useless bumps, taking up space and using up the State resources!!
    I am aware of the fact that I need to forgive others, so that I may be forgiven by God for my own sins.
    But in this case, this government don’t seemed to be aware of what they are going, committing these sins again and again, even plotting for more power through porfma, taking away the people’s rights to speak up!
    FOR THIS REASON ALONE, I FELT A NEED TO PUT THIS SNAKE AWAY, TO PREVENT I T FROM HARMING OTHERS. I am dedicating the remaining days of my life to do it if need be! That’s a promise I made myself and MY GOD. If any of you are afraid of snakes, better keep away from me! – from what I have observed, some already have!
    I guess that is why we humans kill snakes when we see them. . Because God Himself has placed that enmity between us as mentioned in Genesis, scriptures. I didn’t quite understand this until the snake indirectly, through his children(those who worship money above God), killed my uncle. From that moment, I realised the need to kill it first when I sees it, otherwise, it will steal (our mon…
    [3:18 PM, 7/30/2020] Phillip: Actually, I have tried to send these to foreign media’s to expose this government. Foreigners always envy us, no. 1 infrastructures. But don’t know what Singaporeans are going through

    • Phillip Ang says:

      I am acutely aware of how corrupt the PAP govt is. It has been more than 5 decades and the damage inflicted by PAP propaganda and abuse should not be underestimated. They wield tremendous power over us but truth ultimately prevails.
      The policies which affect us most have failed and led to much suffering for too many people. It’s not a situation that can easily change but that doesn’t mean we despair.
      We are up against a system which perpetually needs lots of citizens’ money. It’s almost impossible for PAP to make an exception in your case as they would have to do likewise for many others in a similar situation.
      Please take care.

      • phillip Tay says:

        Thanks, too bad I don’t know how to post the 3 police reports here. One I made this morning

      • phillip 777 says:

        if possible, try posting these police reports in your site. More Singaporeans need to be aware and make police report as well.

        CPF is very corrupt!!

        On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 2:18 AM likedatosocanmeh wrote:

        > Phillip Ang commented: “Hi I am acutely aware of how corrupt the PAP govt > is. It has been more than 5 decades and the damage inflicted by PAP > propaganda and abuse should not be underestimated. They wield tremendous > power over us but truth ultimately prevails. The policies whic” >

      • phillip 777 says:

        Hi Mr Ang,

        Another bombshell

  2. Phillip Tay says:

    Dear Singaporeans,
    Please hear me out, regarding this PAP government, who had unilateral control over 55 years
    Since inauguration. I am born in 1965 – same year Singapore gained independence. Thus, Singapore had a special meaning, very much like a Singapore man.
    Well, my saga started when I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 50 years old, stage 2 nasal cancer. After that, I decided to take life easy as I have struggled all my life but nothing to show for.(no 5Cs nor a wife and family) As OUR system is run, every job application requires that I declare my health situation, which employer with a sound mind would hire a cancer patient! Even the government department would do so. As such, I decided not to take the doctor’s advice in having radiation and chemo but to destress and live healthily by watching my food intake and exercise. I managed to live till 55, my retirement age! Wow, I thought things may turned for the better as the last 5 years had been a nightmare – in the financial sense. Had to rent out a room for a monthly income of $800 – but it was still insufficient. My elder sister helped by supplanting the shortfall. (around $400 every month)
    At 55, to my big surprise, CPF cut off my special account and transfer $40,000 of my special account to the retirement fund. My ordinary had been zero shortly after I retired at 50. HDB had been withdrawing $117 from my special for the HDB mortgage. But after the closure of my special account, CPF stopped allowing HDB to withdraw. I made an appeal to CPF but was only told to approach HBD to settle my problem. In my heart, I was wondering why the CPF is so hard up of my measly $117? No money in our CPF? All this happened in January 2020. After that, covid 19 happened, I had to postponed my enquiry to the HDB until Jun 2020 – when circuit breaker – reopened the HDB offices.
    Spoken to a HDB officer over the phone to explore solutions. I basically need cash because I will die of starvation before cancer kills me!! Has assets (HDB flat worth $333K and $40 k with CPF but all cannot touch!!) I was even prepared to sell my flat but after talking with the officer, was told that I will not get much cash as the HDB is obliged to “PAY” CPF $141 K to top up by Retirement fund !! from the sales proceed. Infect, I could be much worse off ! The officer has since been trying to brainstorm ideas to help my situation but have not heard from him since 3 weeks ago.
    This has been a real wake up call, knowing this PAP government hasn’t been great BUT not this terrible!!! More tight fisted with MY MONEY than I am with my own!! What happened to OUR CPF?? NO money left?? But all I see are showboat projects like the JEWEL – costing Singaporeans $1.7 Billion!
    They are using OUR MONEY for these and have no money for my HDB payment of $117 per month – and that’s MY MONEY!!

    Well, Singapore has the world highest paid leader!! That’s a world record!! For a country so small and no natural resources – one might be mistaken to think that he is some magician – conjuring money out of thin air!!
    Instead, he been busy seating on OUR MONEY, money that our fathers and forefathers HARD EARNED BLOOD MONEY!! NOT HIS FATHER”S MONEY!! withholding MY MONEY , who has a serious need – LIFE and DEATH situation! Setting of the CPF to practically SUCKED ALLL THE BLOOD(MONEY) FROM US! Raising GST etc…
    To those politically attuned, from the past election cycles, you would have understood how this PAP machination works. In2 015, when they needed to win big, since 2011, they lost their first GRC constituency, they practically promised everything to win back the voters!! But what do you get after the elections? – GST hikes, electricity water hikes, practically every costs went up but our salary. Instead, they needed to bring in more FOREIGN TALENTS, POPULATION NEEDS TO INCREASE! So in this 2020 election, they have become confident – having “done a good job” in 2015, not much freebees or promises were made this time around. Also confident that the covid 19 situation, Singaporeans are a frightened lot – easily frighten. (spoken of by MR Goh Chalk Tong. )

    See, the results? This should be very well their WORSE DEFEAT in an election – by the number of opposition PMs in to parliament. ; )
    Well, this is a warning to all SINGAPOREANS to wake up before it is too late!! I may sound like a grump airing his grievances, but it may happen to anyone of you, when life’s little twist and turn let you experienced what I have gone through. Don’t be like me, only to know the PAP true colours so late. I might not even learn of it if I had died of cancer before I reached 55! So Singaporeans, don’t wait until you have a real need to realise that this government /leaders are really taking us for a ride. Promising a rosy future while holding TIGHTLY to OUR MONEY!!
    Not to say they are all bad, but they did make Singapore like a golden cage, everything looks clean, prim and proper, but don’t get involved when their POWER matters. They will turn very NASTY when you try to rock the boat!
    Thanks for reading!
    Phillip Tay
    A Singapore born
    Oh, almost forgot to mention the HPS – a useless scheme, just like the PAP government!
    Thought I could rely on it based on my medical condition. To my disappointment, I have to be TOTAL HANDICAPPED or close to my death in order to utilise it. And we will made to buy it in order to purchase a HDB flat – oh, what a waste of OUR MONEY – like the CPF, running on the people’s money but acting only for the PAP government. They should change their mission statement!
    They are not “ommitted to enable Singaporeans to have a secure retirement.” They are practically driving people like us to seek death to our problems!!

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