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Temasek-owned Surbana Jurong threatens legal action against unknown entities, ‘refutes’ online allegations without facts

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Is Temasek “around $100 mil” CEO Ho Ching a minister or government official?

Why not pay cleaners, security guards and every worker properly? Only pay properly when desperately in need? And do remember the hand that feeds you and your hubby. 🤣

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PAP misled Singaporeans on reserves: Land sales revenue to benefit GIC, not citizens

No-script-gabra-in-Parliament DPM Heng said that at most 1% of land sales could be spent: “So, if you are rigorous about it, you really ought to be spending no more than 1 per cent of that land sale proceeds (each year).” … Continue reading

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Real housing subsidy (past) vs fake housing subsidy (present)

PAP has overinflated land cost, making tens of thousands in housing subsidy seem generous. PAP acquired land at a fraction of today’s price, land which is supposed to benefit the majority of citizens living in public housing. It’s unethical to … Continue reading

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For our children’s future, put a stop to PAP’s HDB scam at the polls, 60% of HDB flat price is land cost

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MOM’s meaningless May Day message, gets foreign workers throw out after stepping up inspections

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HDB ‘ownership’ issue: Majority of Singaporeans still delusional, believe in PAP propaganda

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Record S$34 bil in CPF invested by GIC last year near market top, tens of billions wiped out during market rout

Over the past 3 years, almost $100 billion in CPF was invested in risky overseas assets, ie subject to political and exchange rate risks.

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Covid-19: Confirmed cases will top 50,000, public deserves to know actual situation in dorms

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Covid-19: Wuhan will take 10 days to conduct 14 million tests, PAP may take ‘a few months’ to conduct 300,000 tests

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