Wuhan virus: PAP should quickly address shortage of masks issue, cease all propaganda

It’s blatantly clear there’s insufficient masks in our national stockpile.


– Government released 5 million masks to retailers.
– Singapore population: 5.7 million.

These will last only a few days at most.

– Government will release 5.2 million masks to 1.3 million households.
– Resident population: 4.03 million

These will last a couple of days at most.

MOH has claimed that our national stockpile has sufficient masks to last as least 6 months.

A conservative estimate of 3 million/day needed during a serious viral outbreak, there should be 540 million masks in our national stockpile.

3 million X 6 months X 30 days = 540 million masks

If we have 540 million masks, why would MOH release only 10.2 million masks, knowing full well that they could last only a few days?

Why is the government telling healthy Singaporeans not to take preventive measures by not wearing masks?

The government should quickly address the issue of insufficient masks before the outbreak worsens.

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