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If Singaporeans still refuse to think, Singapore will be doomed by PAP’s growth shortcut

As long as PAP remains in power, its 10 million population target will be exceeded sooner than thought. In 2000, Singapore’s population hit 4 million despite URA’s 1991 plan for a 4 million population between 2031 and 2041. PAP has … Continue reading

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Opposition parties should focus on HDB and CPF (state reserves) issues, PAP can be crippled

Opposition parties should pool their resources and turn 2 issues – HDB and CPF/(reserves) into our national conversation.  No let-up till election time. Get HDB lessees to ask themselves why are they labelled owners when all ownership rights remain with … Continue reading

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Shameless Bukit Buttocks PAP MP Murali blows own trumpet after 3 residents almost died from his town council’s mistake/idiocy

Thanks to SDP’s Dr Chee, PAP MP Murali has been forced to apologise more than 10 days after a fire in Bukit Batok almost killed 3 of his residents. (TOC article) Murali’s own town council, Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC), has … Continue reading

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Expose HDB ‘ownership’ scam, PAP will collapse

Any competent lawyer knows the difference between a Lease Agreement and Sale and Purchase Agreement.  Problem is, none dare to highlight the HDB ‘ownership’ scam. Even when terms like ‘lessee’ and ‘lessor’ are clearly stated. HDB Agreement for Lease – … Continue reading

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