PAP’s ‘afterthought’/’cart-before-horse’ planning started decades ago, PMD U-turn won’t be last instance

Singaporeans should not be surprised by the recent PMD ban which has affected the livelihood of thousands of food deliverers.  TOC article:
TOCAccidents were predictable from the get-go: there was … inadequate infrastructure.
Everyone knew this except our scholars.

That PAP has engaged in ‘afterthought’ planning should be evident to those who have eyes. Since Lau Goh became PM, PAP has been increasing the foreigner population before putting adequate infrastructure in place.CONCEPT PLAN GONE WRONG.jpgAlthough infrastructure was planned for a 3.23 million in 2000 (see 1991 Concept Plan, table above), Lau Goh exceeded this by 3/4 million.  Inconsequential, he must have thought?

Even when a 5.5 million population was projected only in 2041 earliest, PM Lee exceeded this target in 2015.

PAP was least concerned about adequate infrastructure because KPKB Singaporeans continue to vote to be screwed.

Jose Raymond is right but poor planning is not evident only recently, with the PMD ban; it was already evident decades ago.

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