Third email to PM Lee: “CPF monies managed by CPFB or GIC?”

**Third email to PM Lee.

Date: Sat, Aug 31, 2019 at 12:43 PM
Subject: Re: CPF monies managed by CPFB or GIC?
To: PM LEE <>
Cc:  TOC <>, <>, SDP <>, WP <>, TRE <>, , <>

(Some recipients have been deleted)

Dear PM Lee

I refer to my email dated 4 June (enclosed) and 9 May (CPF CEO), which the PMO and CPFB have yet to reply.

There are valid concerns for my queries.

According to SWFI data dated 9 May, CPFB (91), GIC (70), MAS (87) and Temasek (74) were listed as individual funds (image below).

swfi ranking

However, Singaporeans have been told that CPF funds are commingled with state reserves, managed by GIC.

SWFI’s data clearly contradict this and it has yet to reply to my feedback 3 months ago.

Should Singaporeans trust the silent CPFB or SWFI?

The government should clarify.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Phillip Ang

** Correction: This is the third email to PM Lee, not second.

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