Fake news: Polyclinic patients receive huge subsidies

Singaporeans have been fooled by PAP in many ways.

Where healthcare subsidies/grants are concerned, outsized ones are only PAP-created illusions.

For example, polyclinic consultation fees – up to 85% subsidised – are first inflated to about double the fees charged by private GPs. PAP then claims a huge subsidy has been given.

Consultation fees at polyclinics are also increased almost every year, based on PAP’s whim.

From 2015 to 2019, consultation fees increased by 23.5%, from $38.97 to $48.13. polyclinic scam

$48.13 is more than double the fees of some neighbourhood GPs.

It is common sense that when private GPs could charge $20 for consultation, fees at public healthcare institutions should be much lower due to ZERO rental cost and economy of scale.

The true uninflated consultation fees should be about $10. This would mean that child patients are receiving peanuts subsidies while adult patients are contributing to polyclinics’ profits.

What’s really going on at polyclinics?  Why is PAP allocating additional millions in tax dollars for dubious consultation fees?

Despite the ridiculously higher than private GP consultation fees at polyclinics, isn’t it strange that no MP has highlighted this in Parliament?

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