Did Temasek lose $1.6 billion in Tanzanian investment?

In November 2013, Temasek (through newly set up Pavilion Energy) bought a 20% interest in Tanzanian Blocks 1,3 and 4 from Ophir Energy. (“Ophir in $1.3 bln deal with Temasek unit for Tanzania gas“)

In August 2014, Ophir reported a US339.1 million after-tax profit reflecting “the gain on sale of a 20 per cent interest in Tanzanian Blocks 1, 3 and 4“.  (“Ophir returns to profit on Tanzanian assets sale“)

Ophir’s profit came from Temasek: 100%.

Judging from Ophir’s shares  which collapsed very shortly after Temasek inked the deal, no natural gas was found.
pavilonophirThe $1.6 billion question: Did Temasek lose its entire investment?

Why no updates?  Is S$1.6 billion loose change to MPs who seem to fear mentioning the loss in Parliament?

Temasek appears to have been scammed.

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