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No government will conceal information for 5 decades to serve the people, a transparent PAP will cease to exist

PAP’s existence depends on the concealment of much information which belongs in the public domain. Most policies have failed abysmally but through propaganda and non disclosure of statistics, PAP has projected its ‘success’ to the world and managed to hoodwink the majority … Continue reading

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PM Lee’s parliamentary disclosure found wanting, ministers’ total bonus more than 10 months in 2017

I refer to ST’s “Parliament: Political office holders received average performance bonus of 4 months’ salary in last 5 years” and Today’s “Govt ministers paid an average performance bonus of 4.1 months in 2017“. NCMP Leon Perera ” had asked about … Continue reading

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99-year land cost of a $400,000 HDB flat = $2.76 million

HDB prices flats to include construction and land costs. Although land cost is estimated to be 60% of the price, flat buyers – lessees, in fact – do not own the land. Over a period of 99 years, land cost can amount … Continue reading

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HDB legal counsel clarifies HDB ‘lessees’ are ‘owners’, but only according to PAP-enacted legislation

In 2014, I queried the HDB on the ‘ownership’ status of flat buyers. HDB principal legal counsel replied and explained that this was according to the Housing and Development Act: “In fact, the term “owner” has been defined in the H&D Act … Continue reading

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