Thank you President Halimah for exceeding my expectations

Reserved President Halimah has in fact met – probably exceeded – Singaporeans’ expectations and we should not continue to deny this.

This depends on what was one’s expectations and for me it isn’t difficult to state positively that my expectations were exceeded.

After Halimah was selected as President, I expected her to not question PAP on the use of our reserves.  She was totally silent.

At the President’s Star Charity, Halimah also managed to convince Singaporeans that she was overworked despite many still believing that she’s overpaid.  She left me deeply impressed with her wayang.
Image result for halimah yawn
I had also expected her to shut her mouth on issues facing Singaporeans, such as cost-of-living issues, HDB lessee issue, etc.  Again, Halimah did not disappoint.

Nobody could have imagined you cared about our health, ie high sugar intake, so much to turn Milo promoter.  Supermarkets are now selling Milo Gao Kosong like hotcakes.

Singaporeans should give credit where it is due. Thank you reserved President Halimah for exceeding my expectations.

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