PM Lee’s parliamentary disclosure found wanting, ministers’ total bonus more than 10 months in 2017

I refer to ST’s “Parliament: Political office holders received average performance bonus of 4 months’ salary in last 5 years” and Today’s “Govt ministers paid an average performance bonus of 4.1 months in 2017“.

NCMP Leon Perera ” had asked about the bonus paid to Cabinet ministers in the last five years in terms of the average total of bonus months, and the highest and lowest total of bonus months paid to an individual minister”.

Although ministers receive 4 different types of bonuses in 2017, ie performance bonus (3 to 6 months), national bonus (5.25 months, see image below), 13-month bonus (1 month) and AWC (1.5 months), PM Lee disclosed only figures for performance bonus which downplayed the obscene total ministerial bonus that’s rarely paid even in the private sector.

Singaporeans are now under the impression that ministers were paid about only 4.1 months’ bonus in 2017 (Today’s headline) when, in fact, they received more than 10 months’ bonus.

Despite the ministerial salary review in 2012, PAP has still managed to pay ministers obscene amounts in tax dollar bonuses while average income earners struggle with PAP-created high cost of living.

If the PAP government has nothing to conceal from citizens, the following information should be disclosed:
– PM Lee’s and individual minister’s total bonus in 2017.
– Similar annual bonus information since ministerial salary was revised in 2012.

And Leon should not have accepted the non answer from PM Lee.

Ministers are paid max 6 months performance bonus plus 6 months national bonus, a maximum total of 12 months.  PM Lee is paid a maximum of 12 months’ national bonus only.  To a person like Ah Kow, he will be initially confused but eventually come to realise that L P = P L.  Just another for PAP to complicate things to confuse citizens. πŸ˜‰

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