New SMRT CEO TKSS about improving public transportation

Former paper general turned SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong has continued to treat commuters as idiots.

Neo has tried to impress upon Singaporeans that the no-medicine-can-help SMRT could be improved under his leadershit.

Instead of addressing the “deep-seated (military) cultural issues” in his company, Neo claims that he will be able to understand existing issues because he has sold his car and will be taking public transport. Link

In other words, Neo thinks that understanding SMRT’s issues is simple: just become a public transport commuter.

If it were that easy, every senior management executives would have already done so since Kuek became CEO.

And what happened to the tons of negative public feedback?  Simply noise and no pakai when Kuek was CEO?

What Neo really needs to do is get the best man for the job and remove all military dead weight.  It means sacking all former military personnel installed by his predecessor.

With 7 out of 15 senior management posts occupied by former military personnel who had ZERO rail experience, it will take more than a miracle for public transportation to become reliable again.

Unfortunately, it also means the new CEO – Neo himself – should resign.

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