Weakening PAP at its weakest but may still prove challenging to opposition alliance

Singaporeans who are hoping for PAP to do a BN are overjoyed at the news of former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock’s willingness to lead an opposition alliance.

Giving rise to our hopes are similarities between the 2 political parties :
– BN and PAP have been in power for 6 decades.
– Corrupted by greed.
– Rampant cronyism.
– Pre election vote buying (Malaysia’s illegal, Singapore’s legal).

But this is where it all ends and in the face of stark differences, unseating PAP may yet prove to be an uphill battle.


1. PAP has almost absolute control of land (housing and commercial), total control of state finances, mainstream media, law making and security forces.  This, understandably, creates fear in the electorate.
2.  Non existence of independent institutions.
3.  Commitment (personal sacrifice) of elected opposition MPs to topple BN whereas WP only wants to be the co driver.
4.  An increase of almost 20,000 new citizens annually who are likely to support PAP, ie about 80,000 in 4 years, equivalent to an increase of more than 3% of the electorate.
5.  A kiasi, kiasu and kia cheng-hu mindset of Singaporeans.
6.  Majority of opposition supporters unwilling to contribute in ways other than KPKBing.

PAP – not taxpayers – is still perceived as the paymaster of more than 200,000 civil servants.  Including Singaporean employees of GLCs/members of grassroots organisations, business cronies and all their family members and friends, PAP has at least 1 million supporters who do not want to rock the boat.

A radical approach is thus needed to convince fence sitters that a non-transparent and unaccountable PAP has been taking Singapore downhill for decades.  Delaying this further may prove too costly for our children.

With determination and the ‘right’ strategy (in the following post), PAP’s grip on power can still be broken.

An opposition alliance can still send PAP packing.  Or meet BN in hell? 😉

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2 Responses to Weakening PAP at its weakest but may still prove challenging to opposition alliance

  1. Gunny says:

    Couple of things to take note of.

    1. WP does not just want to be co-driver but want to form a coalition should in the unlikely event PAP are denied a simple or 2/3 majority. So much for being an opposition party.

    2. TCB wants to be the Chinese version of Mahathir since he can never be eligible for the president as the rules have been subverted yet again; but only if he is defacto leader of an opposition alliance. This should tell you what kind of a leader TCB will be.

  2. Gunny says:

    As long as Singaporeans continue to believe the PAP can be defeated through the ballot box, the PAP is safe. They can gerrymander the process until it becomes meaningless. Like the presidential election. Elections here are a farce.

    The only surefire way is through a citizen revolt. The good news is you don’t have to wait every 5 years to exercise your power.

    There is no other way. No magic fountain. No radical formula. No savior. The other option is to remain passive till the PAP implodes and pray what sort of dictator steps out of the wookwork.

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