Singapore a Malaysian state? US State Dept’s error may just become reality

It has been reported that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had mistakenly thought Singapore to be part of Malaysia. (link)

Although this may currently be a factual error, there is a possibility that Singapore may become the 12th Malaysian state.

Many countries have moved ahead of Singapore and Malaysia under Mahathir will soon leave Singapore behind.  The Malaysian government has decided to abandon old crony and nepotistic ways of government and implement much-needed democratic reforms.

On the other hand, PAP has been moving in opposite direction by clinging on to undemocratic practices, cronyism and legalized corruption. Singapore will be doomed.

It is easy to understand why PAP cannot afford to relinquish control over MSM or allow transparency to see daylight: the amount of concealed information, when disclosed, will bury PAP in the blink of an eye.

PAP’s reputation is in fact extremely fragile and that’s the reason why it has resorted to enacting laws, frequently tweaking them, to maintain its whiter than white image.  Only politicians without substance will resort to such tactics.

The PAP also did not enact laws to conceal information which belong in the public domain for the fun of it.

Disclosure of archived cabinet records will reveal not only the masterminds behind Operation Coldstore and Spectrum but also PAP’s hidden agenda.

Disclosure of all Temasek and GIC investments will confirm what Singaporeans have long suspected: massive investment losses.

Disclosure of information pertaining to our reserves will confirm all presidents after Ong Teng Cheong abdicated their responsibility as jaga with second key to our reserves.  Our reserves are likely to have been used hundreds of times, exceeding $100 billion.

From PAP’s constant channeling of billions of tax dollars/land sales revenue/CPF into GIC, Singaporeans should not rule out mega 1MDBs in our own backyard.

How financial markets will react to the disclosure of severely embarrassing information hidden over 5 decades is predictable:  our stock market will crash, S$1 may drop to RM1 and foreign investors will flee.  (There is still some hope if only Singaporeans realise this earlier and hold PAP accountable)

Should skeletons start falling out of PAP’s closet in 2 years’ time after the election, Malaysia will be on a firmer footing by then with the Najib scandal out of its way.

With our reputation in tatters and a financial black hole, the possibility of Singapore having to beg Malaysia to be its 12th state should not be ruled out. 😦




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1 Response to Singapore a Malaysian state? US State Dept’s error may just become reality

  1. Sinkie says:

    From the way PAPies handled the 1MDB shenanigans in S’pore, it showed that PAPies have a very lenient & lackadaisical attitude towards big money “investments” and moneyflows thru banks & financial industry here. i.e. PAPies are more interested to protect their bankster cronies.

    PAPies merely charged 1 or 2 small fries and asked a couple of unknown small finance companies to leave S’pore. It didn’t dare whack the main big banks. Just a motherhood statement from MAS. Any scolding was done behind the scenes, unknown to the public. Basically more lenient than even a rap on the wrist.

    If only $$$$$ had flowed from any S’pore bank to US institutions, then will be another Keppel Marine case, where the US will haul the S’pore bank to court.

    It’s only now with new M’sian govt re-opening the 1MDB case, then PAPies start to wayang again.

    Singapore is 1 of those places where a high-flyer employing legal & state tricks for legalized corruption & legalized crime can be invited to black-tie dinners & given PBM, PPA, BBM medals. While a petty thief or shoplifter gets whacked terok terok.

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