PAP should come clean on ministerial salaries

After the ministerial pay review in 2011, Singaporeans have been under the impression there were hefty reductions of up to 33%. 1ministerpay1uIn reality, PAP ministers are likely be paying themselves only slightly less than before: PAP has not disclosed ministerial salaries since 2012.

The new framework leaves too much room for salaries to be adjusted at PAP’s whim.
1ministerpay1vWhile the National Bonus is transparent, Performance Bonus is totally subjective. For example, the economy could be doing badly but a minister could be considered to have excellent performance because he/she has gained some political mileage for PAP.

Based on the new framework, ministers were likely paid 10 months’ bonuses in 2017.

With a total of 22 months’ pay, an MR4 minister would have received $1.21 million ($55,000 X 22 months).  This is only a 23% decrease, assuming a typical 3 months’ performance bonus.

Since the (PAP) economy was doing very well last year, ie National Bonus almost hit maximum, were performance bonuses similar to National Bonus’ 5.25 months?

Were then soon-to-retire ministers rewarded with a higher performance bonus?

Unlike ministers, the maximum PM’s National Bonus is 12 months, double that of ministers’.  Since this can be computed, ie 5.25 months for ministers (image below), does it mean that the PM received a 10.5 months’ National Bonus in 2017?
If this is true, it will mean the PM’s remuneration was 27.25 months’ last year, ie $2.99 million ($110,000 X 27.25 months).

Isn’t this almost unchanged from pre ministerial salary review?

How much have ministers pay been reduced?

Why do PAP ministers fear disclosure if the new framework has not misled Singaporeans?

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3 Responses to PAP should come clean on ministerial salaries

  1. Confused says:

    The PM likely to get 12+1=13 basic salary
    Bonus =(1.5+6+12)=19.5 months which was the maximum he took in or around 2009?

    His total pay likely=32.5×$110,000=3,575,000.00

    Otherwise, no one would have the guidelines set out so clearly to favour the PM in terms of more bonuses despite his already higher salary.

  2. Anonymous incognit4444 says:

    And let’s not forget How Ching’s salary. Don’the see any reason for the state secret for 5his

  3. Confused says:

    Not only HC’s salary. If she reportedly paid 100m a year, how many of her subordinates would be drawing 10m to 50m?

    Head of all GLCs? If Malaysian has tens of thousands of GLCs, I am not surprised if we have a few thousands….

    What about GIC?

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