Is Lim Biow Chuan a fit and proper MP?

On 6 June, Jose Raymond posted on his FB the plight of an ex convict whose application for a security officer’s licence was rejected by SPF.

The ex offender was also labeled “not a fit and proper person“.

In response to the FB post, PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan defended SPF’s choice of words because “that is probably what the act says and the police needs to give a reason in accordance with the law”.

Lim then suggested that condo residents would not be comfortable with a security officer with a recent criminal record.

Parents also won’t be “comfortable to allow our young child to be taught swimming by a former child molester”.

Lim’s suggestion: work in other jobs which likely pay lower wages.

PAP MP Lim’s intent was clearly to defend the SPF and not to help a fellow Singaporean with 4 very young children who happened to have served prison time.

If Lim, a lawyer, had wanted to help, he could have easily ascertained the background of the case by reaching out to Jose.  Did he not do so because Jose happens to be from another political party?

According to this Mothership article, the ex offender was “reportedly imprisoned for assaulting the man who accosted his wife” and “supposedly a former infantry regular”.

If the above is true, Lim could have offered real help – instead of useless suggestions – to  a fellow Singaporean with 4 very young children.  This would have projected a compassionate image of PAP.

Not only has Lim lost an opportunity to help his party but shot PAP in the foot with more negative publicity.

His action has now raised an important question among netizens:

Is Lim a fit and proper MP?


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