PAP kena high-speed slap from Malaysian government

Every move made by the Malaysian government for the betterment of the country is a slap in PAP’s face.

Yesterday, PAP received a high-speed slap after PM Mahathir confirmed Malaysia will scrap the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail project. CNA  Mahathir labelled it an “unnecessary project”.

Scrapping the mega project will adversely affect the development of Jurong Lake District.  Planning work had already begun and PAP had even acquired the 67-hectare Jurong Country Club to develop the terminus. ST

The “unnecessary project” was derailed because Malaysia did not have the funds to begin with and the return is peanuts.  Scrapping the project is common sense, unless of course Najib had a hidden agenda.

While Mahathir has taken a step in the right direction to improve Malaysia’s finance, Singapore appears to have gone in the opposite direction.

Although Singapore clearly cannot afford too many mega projects, the PAP has thrown caution to the wind and forced citizens to chip in by increasing all sorts of charges and fees.

Life is getting extremely tough for ordinary folks, reached breaking point for some.

Many Singaporeans would now like to emulate Mahathir and slap PAP, if not for the fear of PAP dropping our pants.

So, what we can do till GE2020 is pray hard that PAP will kena more slaps from our neighbor and enjoy the show.


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5 Responses to PAP kena high-speed slap from Malaysian government

  1. Anonymous incognit4444 says:

    I wonder if the Jurong country club can pursue the govt to have its land returned with huuuuuuge damages for all the hassles the govt caused?
    Since the railway is dead, the expropriation is no longer logical as the reasons have disappeared.
    Get the popcorn. This is going to be fun.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Fun to see PAP no longer in control of the script. Mistakes are bound to be made.

      • Anonymous incognit4444 says:

        Yup and we’ll see them become demented and try to warn off sternly Singaporeans from doing the same

    • Gunny says:

      Nope. The govt is empowered to acquire land legally through the Land Acquisition Act. It does not matter the reason or purpose.

  2. sonofadad says:

    Karma comes to haunt the PAP.
    Now, these morally corrupted and dishonorable so-called sons of the one who will jump out his grave if something goes wrong for SG but unfortunately cannot because he is already ashes, will not sleep well at night!

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