Without transparency, PAP’s clean-wage policy is totally meaningless

PAP claims to have a clean-wage policy but it has continue to maintain a ‘clean’ image through propaganda.

This is because PAP’s definition of a clean wage policy is simply the disclosure of a pay formula which leaves plenty of room for ministers and top civil servants to be paid much more.

After the ministerial pay review in 2011, the maximum ‘Performance Bonus’ is still an unheard-of 6 months.

Performance is subjective and, say, politicians who have barked very loudly – performed well for PAP – could have been rewarded with a 6-month Performance Bonus.
1ministerpay1rEven for those who performed badly could also be considered good performers, typically receive a 3 months’ bonus.

No one knows how much tax dollars have gone into politicians’ pockets post 2011 review because PAP has concealed the millions they paid to themselves.

Was PM Lee ever paid close to 12-months’ National Bonus?
1ministerpay1sIsn’t it meaningless to have a clean-wage policy when in fact no one knows how much ministers are paid?

Does PAP have a clean-wage policy or has PAP been cleaning out state coffers instead? 😦


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