President Halimah + MP Seah = Bold changes wayang + Minister Ong = Status quo maintained

Earlier this month, President Halimah spoke about the need for bold changes from 4G leaders.  Her parliamentary speech was largely drafted by “the younger Cabinet members” ie 4G leaders themselves.

Responding about 10 days later, PAP MP Seah Kian Peng participated in the wayang and his bold idea was to criticize MOE and his own PAP for doing something which wasn’t “fair, just and right”.

MOE Minister One Ye Kung was of course not pleased and responded via a long FB post to say that he agreed with some of the things Seah had said.  Nevertheless, from August this year, the government must carry out its duty and belatedly implement PAP’s clean-wage system; teachers will still have to pay for parking in schools.

PAP will listen so long as bold ideas won’t impact its desperately-needed revenue.
1seah1Any more bold ideas?

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