PAP MP Seah Kian Peng preaches morality to PAP

The call for bold ideas by Halimah, unelected president of Singapore, has emboldened PAP MPs to speak up.

PAP MP Seah Kian Peng has decided to seize the opportunity to lecture his own party on morality. Today

On 18 May, Seah used the example of PAP arbitrarily implementing parking charges in schools and argued against using “economic reasoning” alone in policymaking because it is empty without a “moral foundation”.

According to Seah, PAP’s policymaking has always been about “cheap, efficient and quick“, not “what is fair, just and right“.

PAP should now do “what is  right” and not be only concerned “about generating income”.  The image of teachers has been tarred because charging them for parking now implied their wages were “unclean” for decades.
1seahWhile preaching morality to his own party may be laudable, Seah must be called out for his silence when PAP forced this issue through in March.

Do PAP MPs need encouragement from the unelected President before speaking up?

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