Unelected Indian/Malay President makes motherhood statements, lectures elected 4G leaders

With Halimah as President, Singapore has turned into an even bigger joke.

At the opening of the 13th Parliament on Monday, Halimah made this opening motherhood statement about our 4G leaders:
“The path ahead for the next generation of Singapore’s leaders will not be easy but their duty is clear”. (CNA)

Question: Which path ahead for which leader is easy?

More motherhood statements from the unelected President to elected 4G leaders:
“.. there will be times of hardship, where they must demonstrate leadership and resolve ..”
“They will need to listen to the views and feelings of the people”
“In each generation, the people and leaders must work with one another ..”

And many more that makes one want to puke.

Halimah then somehow sabo herself and said: “Like their predecessors, the fourth generation leaders will uphold our foundational values – multi-racialism, meritocracy, incorruptibility, self-reliance, inclusivity and openness to the world,”

If “multiracialism” was one of our Singapore’s foundational values, Halimah should have rejected her overpaid $1.54 million role.  PAP had amended the Constitution to enable Indian-can-be-Malay Halimah to be selected president.

The other “foundational values” are in fact all fake:
Meritocracy = Good academic results, right connections aka cronyism and having the “right heart”/becoming a volunteer for million-dollar jobs.
Incorruptibility = Legalised corruption.
Self reliance = PAP politicians and cronies relying on tax dollars, mostly, from age 18 till their last breath.
Inclusivity = Major decisions made by a handful of PAP politicians.
Openness to the world = Open-leg policy.

Not forgetting that Halimah’s speech – directed at 4G leader$ – was drafted by …. 4G leader$. 🙂


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1 Response to Unelected Indian/Malay President makes motherhood statements, lectures elected 4G leaders

  1. Sinkie says:

    Ownself talk ownself. Echo chamber or fake news.

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