National Service: NSF allowance peanut but ministers are paid million-dollar salaries?

More Singaporeans are starting to question the need for National Service (NS) in its current almost-unchanged form for 5 decades.

While there was a need for conscription in the initial years of our independence, an oversupply of NSFs led to PAP abuse: thousands are transferred to SPF and SCDF every year.

The financial cost of an NSF has also not been addressed. Compared with Singaporean females and foreigners, a Singaporean son awaiting uni enrolment could lose up to 3 years of work experience, and pay of course.

Assuming a Singaporean female/foreigner graduate was earning a graduate’s median monthly salary of $3400 (X 13 months, stagnant for 3 years), the financial cost of serving NS could easily add up to $132,600.

Not forgetting that:
1ns1aAs mentioned in the previous post, the NS Home Awards of up to $16,500 – mostly in CPF dollars – is another insult by PAP.

NSFs should not be fooled by state propaganda into accepting ‘slave wages’ while PAP ministers are paid million-dollar salaries, including more than 10 months’ bonuses last year.

NSFs should stand up for themselves and Petition to reduce National Service.  Time for a revamp.





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