PAP should not expect NSFs and NSmen to defend Singapore Inc

Singapore is no longer a country but a huge corporation run by PAP and their cronies.

It is also a fact that PAP has resorted to using shortcuts – open-leg policy – to generate economic growth, ie import foreigners to lower business costs, increase demand and property prices. Profiting from citizens is also the norm.

Welcome to Singapore Inc.

It all began with former PM Goh, aka Lau Goh, who increased the population by 1 million during the first decade of his rule, comprising 619,000 foreigners including PRs.  (table below)


In the following decade, tact team Lau Goh and PM Lee increased the foreigner population by a further 882,000.

From 14% of total population in 1990, the percentage of foreigners – increased by 1,441,000 – hit 36% in 2 decades.

Last year, the number of foreigners hit 2.17 million, making up almost 39% of total population. (Singstat)

Unless NSFs and NSmen are all stupid, most are aware by now that PAP no longer runs Singapore as a country but as Singapore Inc.  Our country is also a hotel and gold mine to foreigners.

While PAP elites have accumulated wealth beyond their imagination, they are also fearful that this will be easily taken away.  Their paranoid is evident in the constant reminders to defend our ‘home’.

But do family members need to be reminded to defend their home?

As income/wealth disparity widens, chances are NSFs and NSmen will not risk their lives to protect PAP elites and their wealth.

Is Singapore Inc worth defending?  Which employee has risk his life to protect the company?  Is it the responsibility of citizens protect 2/5 of the population who are foreigners?


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4 Responses to PAP should not expect NSFs and NSmen to defend Singapore Inc

  1. Chua Gary says:

    NS should be opened to all who opted for PR and citizenship. NS should not be restricted to Sg born male citizens. We’re the born losers.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Unfortunately. 😦 So many became new citizens without NS obligation. One Puthu mayam even became minister.

  2. Anonymous incognito4444 says:

    Better yet professionslize the service. That waybthe army gets to choose who serves but has to pay for those who serve

    • Phillip Ang says:

      This should have been done long ago. But paper generals need numbers to ‘lead’, the more the merrier. Without the present organizational set-up, the number of paper generals would have been only a handful.

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