PAP ministers are not self serving, all public servants with the “right heart”?

Contrary to common sense, Singaporeans keep supporting PAP because most believe they have the “right heart” to serve the people.

Singaporeans are not only fleeced while PAP ministers are in office but even post retirement: most will receive both ministerial and MP pensions amounting to hundreds of thousands in tax dollars. (Parliamentary Pensions Act)


The most outrageous instance: Lee Kuan Yew, currently dead, was receiving 2 pensions while earning the salary of a PM – as Senior Minister and Minister Mentor – for 21 years.  Supposedly serving citizens, LKY’s ‘service’ as MM cost more than $4 million in the same year President Nathan’s pay hit $4.267 million.

In the same year ministers pay hit a record high, PAP lost a GRC.

As for Goh Chok Tong, now well-known for his ass-et enhancement scheme/scam, he continues to earn additional tax dollars of almost $200,000 as a part-time MP and an undisclosed amount as MAS Senior Advisor, a specially-created post.

Former teacher who somehow became DPM, Wong Kan Seng was made chairman of Ascendas-Singbridge – $22.4 billion assets under management – with an undisclosed pay package, unlikely to be peanuts. (Annual Report) Ascendas-Singbridge is 51% owned by Temasek.

Former no-portfolio minister Lim Boon Heng was rewarded with the post of Temasek (AUM of about $300 billion currently, give or take) chairman in 2012 after stepping down from politics.  Lim appears to be having a hard time spending his MP and minister’s pensions plus Temasek’s multi-million dollar paycheck.

Thanks to the PAP-controlled MSM, most Singaporeans have come to believe that PAP ministers make huge sacrifices and are public servants with the “right heart”.

But are they?

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