PAP should not conceal ministers’ remuneration in budget statements

Something is seriously amiss with our budget statements.

Table below shows the manpower budget for ‘political appointments’ of different ministries as well as names of political appointees. **
Under ‘MFA’, the budget for Minister Vivian + 1 SMS + 1 MOS = $1.11 million. Assuming SMS Maliki and MOS Sam Tan are under other ministry’s payroll, Vivian could not be earning only $1.1 million: his grade is not ‘MR4’.
Typical salary (20 months) of ministers (MR1 to MR4) and their assistants.1budgetc

Maliki is also SMS of MINDEF but with a budget of only $1.98 million, this is clearly insufficient to be split between Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen ($1.76 mil) and SMS Maliki ($935,000).
1budgetdQuestion: Which government agency pays SMS Maliki?

As for MCCY, SMS Sim Ann will likely to be paid by MTI ($4.2 million budget). What about Baey Yam Keng who doesn’t hold other portfolio and Minister Grace Fu?
1budgeteMHA’s budget of $450,000 will be paid to PS Amrin since Minister Shanmugam is paid by MinLaw.

But MinLaw’s budget of only $2.38 million is clearly insufficient to pay both Shanmugam ($1.76 million) and SMS Indranee ($935,000)?

With Heng as minister, MOF’s budget of only $1.05 million is an even a bigger joke.

What about PMO’s manpower budget of more than $16 million for only 8 political appointees?

The figures disclosed by PAP for political appointments are either meaningless or fake: Singaporeans do not know exactly how much ministers are paid.

Is PAP trying to prevent public knowledge of ministers helping themselves to, say, 10 months’ bonuses last year? (Computed from the ministerial salary formula)
Data from Budget 2018.
Under ‘Budget Speech’ tab, click ‘Revenue and Expenditure’, ‘Revenue and Expenditure estimates’, ‘Government Expenditure’ to see the various ministry budgets.

Names of political appointees @ Under individual ministry, click ‘show’ ‘political appointees and their personal assistants’.


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2 Responses to PAP should not conceal ministers’ remuneration in budget statements

  1. Chua Gary says:

    Obscene self imposed salaries! Sinkies, please wake up.

  2. DavidLKSee says:

    SEE how the “cunningly-clever” (ie NOT competently-clever) PAP Govt ABUSED its parliamentary majority, BULL-DOZED through Parliament and ARM-TWISTED S’pore Taxpayer-Voters to pay its Ministers such World-Infamous Obscenely-Humongous Multi-million dollar Pay Packages !!!

    AND what do S’pore Taxpayer-Voters get in return ???
    A f**king clueless/hopeless/useless; idiotic/moronic/nincompoopic as well as goondu/bodoh/kayu PAP Million-dollar Govt — led by PM Lee Hsien Loong (with the notorious title of “World’s Highest-Paid Politician) !!!

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