When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history (4)

Through little/no effort, PAP raises tens of billions in annual revenue via GST and COE collection, land sales, increasing tariffs, etc.  An estimated $10 billion in CPF returns is also confiscated to supplement government revenue via NIRC framework.

But whenever down and out citizens asked for assistance, PAP would make it seem as if Singapore would be doomed by such ‘imprudent’ spending.

Singapore clearly has sufficient revenue to eradicate poverty.  What has been happening is PAP has channeled billions into our reserves which then create multi-million dollar posts for cronies in government, Temasek, GIC and GLCs.  When the economy does well, PAP (and cronies) then justify paying themselves obscene amounts in tax dollars.

To understand how ‘legalized corruption’ works, look no further than 2 public ‘servants’ who were – and still are – grossly overpaid: the President and part-time Speaker of Parliament.

1. President

From 2000 to 2011, the President was paid an annual salary of between $2 million and $4.267 million. (Edited image source: NAS)
1ministerpay81papgThe President’s jiak-liow-bee role had remained unchanged throughout this period.  In fact, it probably got easier with an increasing number of presidential advisers.

After the 2011 ministerial pay review, the President’s salary was slashed by a whopping 64% from its high the previous year ($1.54 mil/$4.26 mil) to even lower than 2000 level.

If the President deserved to be paid only $1.54, it would mean he was grossly overpaid for 11 years.

Overpayment estimate: 15 million tax dollars.

2. Part-time Parliament Speaker

Many Singaporeans had mistakenly thought that Speaker of Parliament was a full-time post when it fact it wasn’t. This was due to the Speaker’s obscenely high salary.

In a Forum reply 2 days ago, PM Lee’s Press Secretary Chang Li Lin again confirmed that Parliament speakershit has long been a part-time post. (ST)
1speakerbAlthough PAP had clearly known this years ago, it did not prevent the Speaker from being showered with additional millions in tax dollars, especially during his tenure last decade.

It was only after the 2011 ministerial pay review that the Speaker’s pay was drastically reduced by $622,000 to $550,000 per year.

If $550,000 a year was the ‘correct’ salary for a part-time Speaker, former Speaker (2002  to 2011) and PAP MP Abdullah Tarmugi was easily overpaid by more than 4 million in tax dollars.

(Point to note is $1.17 million wasn’t the highest pay of a Speaker because it increases in tandem with political salary adjustments.  When MR4 ministers were paid about $2 million/President Nathan’s pay was increased to $4.27 million in 2011, Tarmugi’s pay was likely to have been increased to at least $1.5 million.)

These 2 public servants alone were overpaid by about $20 million over a decade.  If perm secs, ministers, CEOs of stat boards, hundreds of high-ranking army personnel, senior management of government organisations, etc were included, billions in tax dollars must have … gone down the drain.

‘Prudent’ spending to PAP means only one thing: lavishing tax dollars on themselves at ordinary citizens’ expense.

When Singaporeans start to think a little, they will be able to see through all the hogwash and lies by PAP.

Under objective public scrutiny, PAP will be history.

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