Parliament Speaker is world’s highest-paid part-time job but money no enough?

5 days ago, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan Jin was reported to have been appointed chairman of Healthway Medical. CNA
1speakeraSingaporeans are naturally upset that Tan – the world’s highest-paid part-timer as Speaker of Parliament, needs another job to supplement his income.

A Mr Cheng Shoong Tat was sufficiently T L to write to ST Forum but must have been pissed by PM Lee’s Press Secretary Chang Li Lin’s reply: the present arrangement is OK, let’s move on. (ST Forum)

Chang defended former paper general Tan’s right to earn additional income and said it was because “almost every Speaker since Mr E.W. Barker in 1963-64 has done so“.

Chang even confirmed that a Speaker has lots of free time because “Parliament does not sit every day of the month“.

Chang has made herself a laughingstock with such a silly reply.

What about Tan’s highest-paid part-time Speaker role which has already been supplemented by $192,500 annually from his part-time MP role?


If Tan is really eat finish too free, many Singaporeans feel that he could have used his time to serve constituents instead of moonlighting for the additional income which he clearly doesn’t need.

Or perhaps it’s a case of always Money No Enough with men in white?

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4 Responses to Parliament Speaker is world’s highest-paid part-time job but money no enough?

  1. Confused says:

    What’s the problem with holding 2 part time jobs?

    If PAP already allow MP to hold 64 part time jobs.

    These are signs that all are not well as everyone is given chance to max their income at all costs.

    The reality is everyone only has a good 8 to 10 hours of productive contribution…..

    So how many jobs would they be sleeping through??

    • What affronts me is no one is paid 16 000$ for a part time job. Further since when is a Speaker’s job just part time? For a soverign country, parliment here is treated as a city hall in a small rural town. Really? Because given the complexities of running a big organization,contracting various services and overseeing thst everything runs smoothly out of session strikes me as a full time job
      But whatvdo i know maybe they use robots for certain jobs like cleaning:)

      Finally is Healthway private or owned by Temask?

  2. Confused says:

    Furthermore, he is also the deputy chairman of Mandai Park as I understand…..

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