If you voted for regular MRT disruptions, then don’t KPKB OK?

Like clockwork, another MRT disruption occurred during rush hour this morning. CNA

1smrteMost disruptions happen when trains are running at peak frequency, ie during peak hour.

Commuters were delayed since 7.50am – for up to 25 minutes – until 10.20am before service resumed normally.

Expectedly, SMRT received brickbats online and offline.  But not every commuter is entitled to curse and swear at SMRT, especially those who voted for such a system.

Under the PAP system, cronies without relevant experience are parachuted into senior management of SMRT, eg former paper generals Desmond Kuek and Lee Ling Wee, former paper colonel Tan Kian Hong with 20 years of army experience, former army personnel Anson Lim, etc. (SMRT senior management)

These same guys happen to contribute to MRT disruptions but have not been held accountable.  In fact, the PAP government has allowed them to own self rectify own mistakes.  Common sense: MRT system will not improve any time soon.

Commuters who voted for an unaccountable PAP system should know for certain that KPKB doesn’t help one bit.

Only by doing the ‘right’ thing will commuters experience improvements. 😉

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