Why no clean wage policy for Temasek and GIC?

Although teachers have enjoyed free parking at schools for decades, MOE has decided to end this benefit from August.

MOE: “Free staff parking at schools a ‘taxable benefit’, not in line with clean wage policy“. CNA

A clean wage policy also means that salaries are disclosed, especially when it involves hundreds of millions in tax dollars.

Isn’t it strange that the remuneration of Temasek’s board of directors and senior management remains state secret? Questions:

What is CEO Ho Ching’s remuneration?
How many millions are paid to chairman Lim Boon Heng, a former minister?

Another organization which pays hundreds of millions to senior management and its board is GIC. GIC manages $360 billion in CPF funds as well as an undisclosed amount in reserves.

Although PAP ministers cost taxpayers tens of million$, at least their obscene up to 14 months bonuses is public knowledge.  Shouldn’t the remuneration of Temasek and GIC senior management and board – paid many times the total cabinet ministers’ salaries – be disclosed?

A ‘clean wage’ policy has to mean more than belatedly collecting a few hundred dollars from each teacher: hundreds of millions paid out from our reserves to Temasek and GIC senior executives must be accounted for.

Until this is done, PAP’s ‘clean wage’ policy is really all hot air.

PAP’s clean-wage policy is really a joke when information on the remuneration of obscenely-paid relatives and cronies remains state secret. ;(


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