When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history (2)

In 2013, after the PAP-controlled Parliament had endorsed the Population White Paper, thousands of protestors turned up at Hong Lim Park.

Although PAP had disclosed minimal population data selectively, Singaporeans had instinctively felt that such an insane policy would doom our country.  And they were right when we scrutinize available data.

In 2012, Singapore had a population of only 5.31 million.  This would mean that PAP had intended to increase the population at an average annual rate of about 90,000 to hit 6.9 million by 2030.

Of the 90,000 annual population increase – excluding new citizens- there would be a net increase of only 10,000 citizens**.

What PAP was still trying to do: increase headcount to generate fake economic growth.

The additional 80,000 foreigners (90,000 – 10,000), including new citizens, will create additional demand for housing, goods and services.

The downside as even an idiot would have known: infrastructure breakdown.  But PAP wasn’t bothered one bit.

To tackle the issue of ageing population, citizenships would have to be granted to younger foreigners.  Instead, the proportion of older new citizens is not only high but has been steadily increasing from 2012 to 2016.
How does importing older citizens help to mitigate issues related to ageing population?

Another disturbing fact: PAP has been importing whole families.
No information is available but the profile of new family imports appears to be similar to Singaporean families: most have 1 or 2 children.

Question: How does this mitigate ageing population issues?

It looks like we are back to square one, or probably worse.

If PAP supporters start to think a little, chances are they will not vote to screw themselves.

Year: 2013
Citizen increase = 28,500
New citizens = 20500
Citizen increase excluding new citizens = 8000

A few years ago, I queried NPTD and PM Lee on whether new citizens were in fact contributing to the ageing population issue.  The government has not answered my queries. (One of my emails to PM Lee and NPTD reply here)


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