When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history

Singaporeans are mostly book smart propaganda lovers, not bothered about the impact PAP’s flawed policies.

The situation Singaporeans find ourselves in today attests to the failure of PAP policies, eg public healthcare/transport/housing, population/immigration and CPF for retirement.

For this post, we’ll take a look at the population policy.

About 3 weeks ago, Josephine Teo – minister with zero portfolio overseeing the National Population and Talent Division – unabashedly again confirmed PAP’s population policy has failed. CNA

Josephine Teo happens to be the minister who suggested to Singaporeans to make  babies first, getting a home later. Image result for josephine teo sex in small spaceImage source

Problem is, the issue of low TFR was acknowledged more than 3 decades ago by … PAP ministers themselves.

In 1987, PAP tried to address its failed ‘Stop-At-Two’ policy with the introduction of another failed ‘Have-Three-Or-More’ policy.

Today, the TFR is lower than what it was in 1987: it’s also the lowest among developed countries.
1population6aInstead of address underlying issues, PAP ministers are proposing more of the same: throw additional billions in tax dollars and hope for a miracle.

One of the main causes is of course PAP-inflated cost of living. Recently, PAP introduced price hikes for water, electricity, gas, ERP, carpark, S & CC, etc.  This is on top of the regular yearly fee increase for childcare, healthcare and education.

To make matters worse, PAP will further increase our cost of living with a 2% GST hike post GE 2020.

Any policy which has failed for 3 decades will continue to fail when underlying issues are not addressed.  This is common sense.

But whether Singaporeans will begin to think remains to be seen.  Should this ever happen, rest assured PAP will be history.

PAP does not engage citizens in policy making but has always resorted to hitting other countries below the belt to make themselves look good.

With regard to our population policy, ministers have been using the example of Japan’s declining population to justify an insane increase in foreigner population.

What PAP has not told Singaporeans is Japanese TFR is higher than ours – and may have turned a corner – whereas ours will likely hit a record low this year.





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1 Response to When Singaporeans start to think, PAP will be history

  1. Anonymous incognito4444 says:

    Lee kwan yew bares personal responsibility for this. His eugenicist outlook would’ve never been allowed to entrench itslff if there was a proper oppositon. His obsession for the mythical 5% of the population effectively destroyed Singapore. Had he left Singaporean alone the fetility rste would’ve stabilized at the time of the 1997 financial crisis. Further there wouldn’t be any populatoo replacement policy thst was driven by Lee Kwan yew’s deep seated animus against Singaporeans. Let’s face it he deeply hated his fellow Singaporeans. Absolutely hated them

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