PM Lee’s town council should not appoint non-transparent managing agent CPG FM (Victor Wong’s former employer)

Ang Mo Kio Town Council has done a disservice to its residents and tax payers by appointing an opaque managing agent (CPG FM).

CPG FM does not seem to have a board of directors nor are senior management disclosed on its website.  Good governance at CPG FM appears to be a joke.

The only information disclosed to the public about CPG FM’s employees (below).

But why does CPG FM fear disclosing its CEO or names of senior management?

CPG FM’s clients include HDB, JTC Corporation, Mapletree, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports Homes, NUS, National Parks Board, Civil Service College, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Checkpoints,  IRAS, Istana, SCDF, Subordinate Courts, Supreme Courts, Aljuneid Town Council, Ang Mo Kio Town Council, Tampines Town Council, Chua Chu Kang Town Council and many other GLCs. (Link)

Even CPIB is also a client. 🙂

CPG FM receives from AMKTC tens of million$ annually, fees alone amounting to $6.4 million the last 2 years (table below).
Including the management of other public housing estates and government property, CPG FM must have received at least $1 billion in tax dollars annually.

Since corporatization in 1999, CPG FM is likely to have received at least $15 billion in tax dollars.

Proper disclosure is therefore an obligation, not an option.

The issue of good governance was highlighted to PM Lee last year in this email “Why doesn’t CPG FM disclose its CEO, directors and top management on its website?“.

A few months later, this was followed up with a ‘gentle reminder’ with my email copied to AGO,  MSM, WP MP Sylvia Lim, etc.  Unfortunately, the PAP government clearly does not believe in engagement and so I will have to put this on record. 😉

But not all is lost as earlier feedback on E M Services, another managing agent, resulted in proper disclosure of its senior management.

In 2013, I highlighted to PM Lee that E M Services did not disclose key executives on its website. (Email)

3 years later, another email was sent to PM Lee in July 2016.

Although engagement was as good as dead, somehow, E M Services had decided to do the “right” thing.

Before feedback to PMO, no senior management existed, ie on E M Services’ website:

After feedback to PMO, E M Services quietly disclosed its board of directors.

Like E M Services, CPG FM is also obligated to disclose information which belongs in the public domain.

This issue has been highlighted to PM Lee and it’s clearly wrong for AMKTC to appoint a managing agent run by nameless senior management.

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3 Responses to PM Lee’s town council should not appoint non-transparent managing agent CPG FM (Victor Wong’s former employer)

  1. BW says:

    Cos once they disclosed who are the management, they will have a big headache as to how to explain to public n taxpayers abt conflict of interests etc.. lol

  2. Confused says:

    The more they do it, more to hide?

  3. Old man says:

    Won’t be surprised to see familiar names forming the senior management team.

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