NTUC’s GST trial balloon floats into PAP’s own goal, siah sway ministers should apologise

Three weeks ago, ‘trial balloon’ was the buzzword after it was floated from some PAP molehill into the mountain by ministers.

PAP ministers had then tried to deny the existence of a GST trial balloon in Parliament and attacked WP MP Sylvia Lim for raising her suspicions.  5 ministers also demanded an apology, with House Leader Fu threatening punitive action.  Fortunately, Sylvia stood her ground.

Evidence has now emerged to support Sylvia’s suspicions, making the 5 PAP ministers look damn siah sway: NTUC’s GST trial balloon.

After disappointing PM Lee with their scoring-own-goal performance, many Singaporeans – including PAP supporters – now feel that these 5 PAP attackers have wasted precious public resources and demand an apology from them instead.

The 5 own-goal scorers are:

DPM Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam –  PAP MP for 30 years, extremely busy with tweaking legislations but somehow forgot outdated ones like a $100,000 fine for corrupt acts involving tens of millions.

DPM Heng Shit Keat – former PPS to Lee Kuan Yew and SPF Overseas scholar whose wife is a stat board CEO.

MCI Minister Grace Fu –  daughter of James Fu, press secretary to Lee Kuan Yew.

Law Minister Indranee Rajah – Lee Kuan Yew’s Tanjong Pagar GRC mate.

Health Minister Chee Hong – Former PPS to Lee Kuan Yew and Overseas Merit scholar, his entire life dependent on tax dollars.

Whether PAP ministers act honorably by apologising remains to be seen as there has been no precedent of them doing the “right” thing.

This post has not been edited and ‘typos’ are to be expected.

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