Ministerial salary should be further reduced, Singaporeans should say ‘no’ to maximum 12 months’ GDP and National bonuses

Before PAP lost a GRC in 2011, ministers and cronies were helping themselves to tax dollars as if the sky was the limit.

This can be confirmed by the two variable components, ie humongous Performance Bonus (up to 14 months) and GDP Bonus (up to 8 months).

PAP ministers did not hesitate to help themselves to getting as close to the maximum 22 months on these 2 bonuses alone.

After losing a GRC, the PAP-appointed salary review committee played with words (‘GDP’ to ‘National’, reduced by 2 months only) and reduce the maximum 22 months’ bonuses to … 12 months.


However, 12 months’ bonuses are almost unheard of even in the non-PAP private sector.

So, despite the drastic reduction, PAP ministers are still the highest-paid politicians in the world.

The problem with this sort of public sector remuneration is it attracts greedy and irresponsible characters who work for self benefit.  As a result, hospital beds are in short supply, the MRT system is in ICU, productivity growth is stagnant, personal attacks and intimidation become the norm in Parliament, etc.

And high pay also doesn’t prevent corruption.

Ministers and top civil servants should stop being hypocrites; a maximum of 12 months’ bonuses is a ripoff.

Hopefully, Singaporeans will beware of PAP’s insatiable greed and vote against being fleeced – again – at GE2020.


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