If National Service is vital for Singapore’s future, ministerial pay formula should also apply to NSF allowance

President Halimah recently asked Singaporeans to support national servicemen because “National Service is vital for Singapore’s future”. CNA

But while Singaporeans, especially parents of NSFs, do give our support, the government doesn’t seem to be supportive, ie NSFs continue to be paid peanuts.

The PAP government should review and increase NSF ‘allowance’ as domestic costs have recently been inflated like nobody’s business by PAP.

During the review, PAP ministers should consider applying their own pay formula to NSF allowance, ie if NS is really vital.  In fact, without NSFs to protect our country, ministers would not have million-dollar jobs.

NSF allowance could also be pegged to the median wage of top 1000 earners at age 20, with a similar 40% discount.  Currently, thousands of NSFs earn about only half the pay of, say, a cleaner in some vocations.

As for bonus, NSFs deserve to be paid on par with ministers for the same reason mentioned above.

Bonus formula – up to 13.5 months’ bonuses – for ministers.
Since NS is vital to our $447 billion economy, an increase of $20 billion last year, shouldn’t NSFs be entitled to at least a few months’ bonuses if National Bonus targets are met?

The sacrifice of NSFs can be quantified, ie financial cost of serving our nation runs into tens of thousand$ per NSF.

The PAP government’s ‘recognition’,  ie $100 vouchers or subsidized SAFRA membership, is therefore an insult.

It’s worse for NSFs from lower-income families which may badly need an additional income to supplement household income.

By the time a male Singaporean graduates from uni, he would be almost 3 years behind his foreign peers who have been invited by the government to steal our lunch.

Since 5 decades ago, the monthly pay of a recruit has gone up by only a few hundred dollars.  However, the monthly salary of a minister has gone up by almost $50,000 while the PM more than $100,000. (bonus not included!)

The PAP government can’t keep shortchanging Singaporeans by treating NSFs as cheap labour, paying only lip service instead of real financial support.

Time for a review?





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4 Responses to If National Service is vital for Singapore’s future, ministerial pay formula should also apply to NSF allowance

  1. Confused says:

    If your proposal is accepted, we would have to hike gst to 15% by 2021, it’s not sustainable to rely on our reserves.

    We can of course pray that if they can honestly give up their multi million pay by 3/4, then your suggestion would be viable.

    • Phillip Ang says:

      Such a drastic measure need not be taken.
      Assuming NSF allowance increases to $1500, average increase may be around $600 to $700. Times 20,000 NSFs (probably less), comes to $14 mil a month or $168 mil a year. Even if every NSF ($1500 monthly allowance) gets a 6 months’ bonus, it will cost an additional $180 mil. All in, the increase is less than $400 million for a $447 billion economy.

  2. Nope get rid of conscription and professionalize the army.
    It’s cheaper in the long run and costs much less. And the young guys have a chance to earn a living sooner

  3. anon says:

    Yes, con script is a tool used by FT msin to put natives out, esp NSR.
    Also a tool to ensure ability to rule – as reason for independence
    Get own high pay by conning the nation.

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