How Singaporeans can stop the impending GST hike

Singaporeans are not a helpless lot against an abusive government. The impending 2% GST increase post GE 2020 can be stopped, as history has shown.

After PAP won GE 2001 in May, it announced a 2% GST hike 6 months later.  (This was likely planned months earlier or even during the previous term of government) 8 months after the announcement, the hike was implemented (in stages).

Post GE 2006, history repeated itself with PAP announcing and implementing the GST hike within 6 months and 8 months respectively. (ST)

Post GE 2015, PAP did not announce GST hike in 6 months.  Instead, it had to float test balloons in 2017 because numerous cost increases had been implemented earlier.  Since there was adverse reaction to the GST hike, PAP reluctantly postponed this to post GE 2020.

The only time when PAP went completely silent on GST hike was post GE 2011.  This was because it had lost an entire GRC!

This confirms one thing:

Therefore, if we really do not wish to burden ourselves and our children with the unjustifiable GST hike, we should help ensure PAP loses another GRC.

Fellow Singaporeans, come GE 2020, remember to vote ‘No’ to GST hike. 😉

Perhaps if PAP loses a couple of GRCs, the COE scheme will be reviewed or even scrapped.  And all the onerous conditions on eligibility for public housing lifted.

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