Minister Heng kena hantam online for bullying opposition member

PAP has a very bad bullying habit.  Even when an opposition member expressed an opinion in Parliament, she could be intimidated by ministers claiming that she made a “hypocritical” and “dishonest” statement.

Singapore indeed has a Farce World Parliament. 😉

WP MP Sylvia’s honest belief: PAP was forced to delay the 2% GST hike to between 2021 and 2025 because the government had earlier stated it had “enough money for the decade”.  PAP was caught with its pants down after it had hinted that a GST hike was on the cards.  In fact, a number of bank analysts had expected PAP to raise the GST this year.
As reported in the press last year:1heng4

Many Singaporeans also shared Sylvia’s belief but of course PAP ministers were unhappy to have shot themselves in the foot.

In Pariahment, Heng  (and Shanmugam) has insinuated that Sylvia was dishonest and asked if she would withdraw her ‘allegation’ and also apologise to the House.

Heng’s bullying tactic has not gone unnoticed by CNA readers and he has duly received a ton of brickbats. 🙂  (Screenshot of CNA FB below)

Average ‘Likes’ on CNA FB comments number in the tens.  Heng was loved by hundreds of CNA readers.

Instead of wasting public resources to prove they are ‘right’ all the time, PAP should focus their energy on improving Singaporeans’ well being.

Hopefully, more right-minded Singaporeans will not fear expressing their love for ministers who abuse their power and bully opposition MPs or citizens. 😉

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