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Singapore ministers very poor thing, GDP up 50% but their pay still down

Ah Kow: Bro, u think our ministers poor thing or not?  Their pay hentak kaki for 5 years already. Arumugam (pointing to chart on laptop): Kow is right. Pay of ministers have been stagnant since 2012. Ah Kow: Many people … Continue reading

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Did Lee Kuan Yew lie to Singaporeans?

One of LKY’s ‘most memorable quotes’: Reuters

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Budget 2018: PAP continues to insult citizens

The PAP government claims to have a windfall of an additional $7.7 billion budget surplus for FY2017.  ST Unabashedly, PAP says it will “share the fruits of Singapore’s development with Singaporeans”. Where did the additional “exceptional” $7.7 billion come from?  It … Continue reading

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$160 billion in land sales revenue since 2007 but GST still must increase?

The planned 2% GST rate hike between 2021 and 2025 defies common sense. This is because the PAP government has hoarded hundreds of billions in land sales revenue. According to archived records**, land sales revenue amounted to $160 billion since 2007. … Continue reading

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Is PAP MP Puthucheary also a spreader of fake news?

In a parliamentary reply to NCMP Leon Perera, SMS (Education) Puthucheary said that “Schools should be free of partisan politics and they do not invite Members of Parliament (MP) or political parties to speak at school events”.  CNA It appears that NS-escapee-now-MP … Continue reading

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Budget 2018: State investment returns now biggest contributor of government revenue, economy in trouble

Budget 2018 and recent budgets confirm one thing: our economy is in trouble. In managing Singapore as a corporation, the PAP government should be able to generate revenue mostly from direct and indirect taxes.  Instead, it has been increasingly reliant … Continue reading

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Budget 2018: Government needs to explain $7 billion ‘windfall’, economy in fact weak

The PAP government owes Singaporeans an explanation as to how it ‘missed’ statutory boards’ contributions estimate by a mile last year. In Today’s “S’pore posts record S$9.6 billion budget surplus, thanks to ‘one-off’ factors“, the article briefly explained how PAP managed … Continue reading

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Government should embark on renaming exercise to honour our leaders

I refer to ST Forum letter by Gopinath Menon, “Rename roads to honour Singapore’s leaders”. The PAP government should seriously consider the suggestion by Adjunk Ass Professor and former Colombo Plan scholar Menon.  The former Malaysian is also a former LTA planner … Continue reading

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Budget 2018: Mega projects necessitate tax burden on citizens

Propaganda: Tax hike needed to fund healthcare for ageing population. Fact: The healthcare issue was anticipated some 3 decades ago.  With PAP running a huge budget surplus every year – including land sales revenue – the government must have earned … Continue reading

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AssBeeAss: LRT did not break down, train track ‘tour’ conducted on 1st day of CNY

For urgent release: CEO, AssBeeAss Dear commuters According to media reports, our Sengkang LRT broke down inauspiciously on the first day of CNY.  This in incorrect. We would like to clarify that our trains do not break down as often as SMRT’s.  … Continue reading

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