Government should embark on renaming exercise to honour our leaders

I refer to ST Forum letter by Gopinath Menon, “Rename roads to honour Singapore’s leaders”.

The PAP government should seriously consider the suggestion by Adjunk Ass Professor and former Colombo Plan scholar Menon.  The former Malaysian is also a former LTA planner who helped to deliver today’s standard of public transportation where commuters’ satisfaction is almost 100%, 2 years running1roadnamingMenon has suggested that road names should be “reviewed and changed to more appropriate ones, like those of our past presidents … as well as our pioneer political and community leaders”.

But why not include outstanding ministers/MOS whose contributions have also benefitted citizens tremendously?

And we should not limit the cosmetic renaming exercise to only roads but include installations, buildings, airports, public housing estates, etc.

To start off, why not rename CPF Building to Lim Swee Say Building?
1laugoh3As for remembering the most outstanding MOS Sim Ann, shouldn’t the Singapore Badminton Hall be renamed Chut Pattern Badminton Hall?
And we might as well rename all PAP RCs after MPs instead of ‘Zone 1’, ‘Zone 2’, etc.

Even historic buildings such as Telok Ayer Market in the CBD should not retain their inappropriate names, eg rename Lau Pa Sat to Lau Goh Pa Sat.1laugoh

Hmm  … should columbaria and cemeteries be renamed?

I hope the government will set up a non-secret committee to look into Menon’s suggestion.

PAP leaders have certainly achieved too much for Singapore and should be remembered by all Singaporeans, alive and unborn.

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1 Response to Government should embark on renaming exercise to honour our leaders

  1. DavidLKSee says:

    Other suggestions to expose the shameless hero-worship PAP personality cult practices:

    > “Mah Bow Tan Public Toilet” — to commemorate the most smelly coffeeshop toilet in an HDB Estate !!!

    > “Wong Kan Seng Maximum-Security Prison” — that same one that allowed terrorist Mas Selamat to escape in broad daylight !!!

    > “Goh Chok Tong Peanut Farm” — that Kranji Farm producing high-tech one-of-a-kind special peanuts selling for S$600,000 each !!! (Remember how his wife had described disgraced NKF charity chief T T Durai’s annual S$600,000 salary package as “mere peanuts” ???)

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