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Did Ho Ching create wealth at Temasek or is it all BS?

Too much credit has been given to Ho Ching, Temasek CEO and spouse of PM Lee,  for wealth creation. Among Ho’s career ‘highlights’ prior to helming Temasek were massive investment losses amounting to more than $1/2 billion in Micropolis, an estimated more … Continue reading

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PAP planning all no pakai one la

Singaporeans who continue to have blind faith in PAP’s planning should read up a little and will soon understand why our infrastructure will continue to fall apart. 17 years ago, the projected population between 2041 and 2051 was only 5.5 million. … Continue reading

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Which goondu still believe in Temasek’s fake returns, keechiu

(PAP increasing costs across the board – healthcare cost increase akan datang – strongly suggests that all is not well with Temasek and GIC. Singaporeans should understand that both SWFs are not what propaganda makes them out to be. Increasing social … Continue reading

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HDB flat an investment to prepare CPF members for retirement a big fat lie

Singaporeans have continued to be fooled by the PAP: HDB is an asset which helps to prepare CPF members for retirement. PAP has ignored the substantial amount in interest costs (table below) which has resulted in retirement funding shortfall for … Continue reading

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More cosmetic changes at SMRT won’t resolve engineering issues

SMRT has decided to introduce more cosmetic changes in the mistaken belief that this will resolve chronic engineering issues. AssT SMRT will soon replace its chief spokesman Patrick Nathan who has been reported to have given notice, but possibly fired. Prior to … Continue reading

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Without real workers’ unions, even public servants get screwed by PAP government

Below are 2 comments which I believe reflect the employment reality of public servants on the ground. The PAP government usually says the opposite of what it means/does because of its profit-seeking nature.  For example, while it exhorts employers to … Continue reading

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Shitty Times continues to publish self-insulting propaganda to support PAP’s flawed population policy

Straits Times journalists should not insult themselves and cease supporting PAP’s flawed population policy. In Joanna Seow’s “Dip in population density, but not in crowded feeling“, the contributory factor to the “dip in population density” was actually the increase in reclaimed … Continue reading

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How PAP transformed SMRT into pow chiak company for Temasek, CEO to be obscenely rewarded

Propaganda: Privatisation of SMRT is to improve service. Reality: Transform SMRT into 101% profitable company for Temasek. It’s fairly simple to understand this.  SMRT earns fare- (about to lose money) and non-fare (pow chiak) income. With the introduction of New … Continue reading

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In the face of real competition, PAP scholars at GLCs prove they are jiak liow bee

PAP has a system which is based on academic achievements instead of merit.  As such, we see mostly scholars – who belong in the classroom – appointed to senior management of GLCs. When faced with real world competition,  these senior-management … Continue reading

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Liu Thai Ker talking cock (2)

According to this CNA article, urban planner Liu Thai Ker has even tried to help PAP justify million-dollar resale HDB flats as affordable because they are “largely the result of market forces, not government intervention“. Liu somehow imagined “market forces” exist despite the … Continue reading

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