SMRT will not sack incompetent leaders, only replace comms chief with former stat board director

On 18 Jan, it was already reported in PAP-controlled media that Patrick Nathan, SMRT chief spokesman, had quit.

It is not known why SMRT has to double confirm the departure of Patrick Nathan 11 days later.  (SMRT confirms departure of corporate communications VP Patrick Nathan)

Patrick will be replaced by former Singapore Tourism Board – a stat board – director Margaret Teo who was employed by SMRT in 2014.

PAP has a policy of rotating employees of GLCs, stat boards and ministries.  Very few of these employees venture out into the real private sector after having worked under the yes-Sir! PAP system for more than 1 decade.

Commuters have been expecting bigger heads to roll and this was reported in the Jan 18 article : “The public’s call for change at SMRT has become louder since the latest spate of incidents, ..”.

Instead of firing former paper general CEO Desmond Kuek and the cronies he had brought along to SMRT, the PAP has decided to wayang again by holding Kuek’s subordinate accountable.

If PAP expects this to improve rail reliability, it must be another joke at commuters’ expense. 😦

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1 Response to SMRT will not sack incompetent leaders, only replace comms chief with former stat board director

  1. Sinkie says:

    Not only safety, tunnel maintenance, train services, & station operations ——- now also cockup communication about … VP of Corporate Communication.

    Some insider already leaked the news on 17-18 Jan. Instead of simply acknowledging the fact & giving a simple statement, SMRT still act blur, don’t want to admit. Best of all, this resignee Nathan & another SMRT director still got the balls to say it’s a rumour … he hasn’t resigned.

    Maybe what he really wanted to say is “KNN! I got fired!”

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