DPM Teo’s joke about Singapore’s aged leadership

I refer to CNA’s “Singapore’s leadership ‘must not become aged’, renewal needed: DPM Teo“.

PAP leadership renewal has always been a joke.  How could “leadership not become aged” when we have dinosaurs as cabinet members?

About 40% of cabinet ministers are above 60 years old, with the oldest at 66.  Why Singapore has so many dinosaurs is because the PAP doesn’t trust younger leaders to continue with its policy of non transparency. As such, it keeps recycling useless ministers like the 2 Lims (don’t want to mention names) and others to different ministries.

To confirm leadership renewal has always been a joke, the longest serving cabinet member is …. Lee Hsien Loong.  (Coincidentally or otherwise, the PM’s spouse ‘volunteered’ for the job of Temasek CEO in the same year when Lee became PM. In yet another coincident, all talk of leadership renewal at Temasek is similar to PAP’s.)

As we can see from the table below, the 4 longest-serving members – all from the military – have collectively ‘served’ almost a century. 64-year-old Teo belongs to this group. 😉

Many cabinet members are dinosaurs.PAPcabinet

Singapore’s leadership was already aged years ago and many ministers – including Teo – had already passed their shelf life.

What do you think?


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3 Responses to DPM Teo’s joke about Singapore’s aged leadership

  1. Stanley sandosham says:

    ‘What do U think’ ??? Well I think I are right Mr Ang!!!
    Maybe that’s why they (Govt) started or should I say had to , push back retirement age as late as possibl

    Now I ask u readers – What do you think????

    • Chua Gary says:

      They won’t be stepping down becos the money they’re collecting is so good & easy…and Sinkies are too daft to vote them out.

    • Confused says:

      On the forefront, it looks like they are helping the poor pioneers to continue being getting employed but I believe more to justify their never stopped relying on our tax monies legally.

      In reality, it is generally not accepted by the industries as soon as your go pass 45 to 50.

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